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Audio specialist, sound designer, re-recording mixer, and composer/performer.

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A Dream Adventure, a generative performance piece for 4 channels.

“A Dream Adventure” is a patch created as a standalone work for 4 channels of audio, that also has built in variation for each performance.

“A Dream Adventure” also comes in an installation mode where its 12minute variable performance can constantly regenerate it self.  This work utilizes vocal phonemes, harmonies generated from the harmonic series, reverb, ambisonic panning, and electronic sounds generated on an ARP Axxe pre-manipulated in Max/Msp and mixed in Logic Pro.  “A Dream Adventure” lasts for roughly 12 minutes and takes the listener on an enriched sonic adventure.  This work is available as a Max/Msp patch that can be performed anywhere with a 4 channel sound system, to obtain a Max runtime version of this patch for performance or installation send me a message.

A video of a live version of “The Dream Adventure” can be viewed below. Recorded in stereo.

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