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Audio specialist, sound designer, re-recording mixer, and composer/performer.

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Kooper Max/Msp performance patch

Kooper is a little Max patch I made to feature similar functions of some of my other patches but with a more streamed lined and easy to use overall structure. It has a 2 part pitch shifter that be use in Equal temperament or set frequencies determined in cents (1/100 of a semitone). An area on the patch also contains something I call the sample synth. The sample synth can be used to load samples into two separate loopers. The samples can be looped in select able areas of the sample, scrubbed with randomized functions, and also be used to manipulate each other if the “link” mode is selected. These loopers are also run through two comb filters. Kooper also has a dedicated looper set up for which ever instrument is being used as the input device. Ultimately, there also exists the Capture and clear button, reverb, and a little area dedicated for loading in Vsts. Fun little patch.

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