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Audio specialist, sound designer, re-recording mixer, and composer/performer.


///Moving Image

“In Dreams”  directed by Josh Schaffer
Animated Short. Re-recording mixing and additional sound design

“The Little Poet”  directed by Justine King
Animated Short. Re-recording and dialogue editing.

“Daylight”  directed by Yaa Asantewaa Faraji
Short Film. Sound design and re-recording

“How to Lasso”  directed by Ambar Navarro
Short Film. Sound design and re-recording

“Two Funerals and a Freezer”  directed by Melissa Fisher
Short Film. Foley artist.

“2023 Calarts Producer Show”  23 Animated Short films
Re-recording mixer 5.1 Dolby
Film List: Parrots by Jennifer Nie
Resilience by Yunie Choi
So Long, Caz! by Jingqi Zhang
A Plastic Bag by Huayi Yu
Lunch Hour by Mina Chacko
Un train pour nulle part by Zoé Lacau
Dance On! Nonoko! by Wanci Hua
Corner Crush by Isis Mejia-Duarte
Forever and Always by Izabella Anguiano-Jacobs
IMUGI by George Park
Swallowtail by Jennifer Shi
The Borrower’s Hypnotist by Michelle Tang
Second Verse by Jay Lee
CHRYSALIS by Rita Chen
Apocalypse YASSS: Two Girls. One Rapture. by Amy Hewett
Gull’s Landing by Kyousuke Shimazaki
I began to be afraid of Death since a young age by Sihan Ning
Roller Coaster by Sapphira Chen
A Collector of Big and Small Things by Pavit Panag
NO DIALOGUE. by Ben Knight

“Black Slide”  by Uri Lotan

Animated Short. Sound Design and Re-recording mixer (Oscar qualifying)
Black Movie for Kids / Black Movie Festival 2022
Best Short Film / British Animation Awards 2022
Best Animation Short Film / Haifa International Film Festival 2021
Grand Prize Winner / Indy Shorts International Film Festival 2022
Winer Grand Jury Prize / Utah Arts Festival 2022

“2022 Calarts Producer Show”  28 Animated Short films
Re-Recording Mixer
Film List:
“Midnight Garden” by Sapphira Chen
“The Twins” by Michelle Tang
“Grandma Rosi” by Maya McMahon
“Aki” by Wanci Hua
“Elif: Chapter 1” by Ladin Kazman
“Night Cruise” by Claire Seckler
“The Best Ham Sandwich According to a Fish” by Jessica Xu
“Parfum Abricot” by Zoé Lacau
“After the Rain” by Chelsea Li
“mr. sun” by Christina Wu
“C R O S S I N G” by Xai Yaj
“GHENT ALTARPIECE” by Lewis Tarver
“Lift You Up” by Kim McMahon
“The Witch​” by Katharine Doescher
“Lost Souls” by Christina Giordano
“homebody” by Sophia Du
“TIGER.” by Lyly Hoang
“Warm Welcome​” by Anya Butler, X.K. Balashov, Janelle Feng, Mu’izza Nur Rahman, Michelle Cheng, Ken Kamau, Izabella Anguiano Jacobs, and Jasper Wang
“The Vending Machine” by Sumin Cho
“Something Fishy” by Christina Woo
“Blast Off” by Kelly Wang
“I Am A Fish” by Joy Chung
“The Balcony” by Anya Martin
“The Pretty Duckling” by Justine King

“My Dollhouse”  by Ambar Navarro

Animated Short. Sound Design and Re-recording mixer

“Jacir”  directed by Waheed AlQawasmi
Feature Film. Foley Artist

“Song Exploder”  by Sean Pecknold.
Animated Short. Sound Design/Composer/Mix.

“All the Men in my Life”  directed by Leila Djansi.
Feature Film. Foley artist and foley editor.

“Bystander”  directed by Dominic Guidry.
Short Film. Sound Design/Re-Recording Mixer

“The Playground”  by Grace Nayoon rhee.
Animated Short. Sound Design/Composer/Mix

“Hedge”  by Amanda Bonaiuto.
Animated Short. Sound Design/Composer

“Cpl. Brittany Jackson’s Smile”  by Lev Pakman and Indoor Recess.
Short film. Sound Design/Composer

“Landmark”  by Emily Sandifer and T.J. Dalrymple.
Short film. Sound Design/Foley/Composer

“Heart Chakra”  by Angela Stempal.
Animated Short. Sound Design/Foley/Composer

“SXSW 2017 Festival Bumpers”  by Matthew Reynolds
4 Short animated reels for the 2017 SXSW Film Festival.  Sound Design/Foley/Composer/Film Mix

“Conquest of the Universe, When Queens Collide”  by Tyler Mathew Oyer.
Play adaptation to feature length film. Sound Design/Foley/Composer/Film Mix

“Jesper Baker” animation by Sean Pecknold. Sound Design/Foley/Film Mix

“Ornetica Hesse” animation by Sean Pecknold. Sound Design/Foley/Film Mix

“Deer Flower” animation by Kangmin Kim. Sound Design/Foley/Composer
Special Jury mention / Animafest Zagreb 2016
Best animated film / Aspen Shorfest 2016
Best Animation Short / Melbourne International Film Festival 2016
Grand prix / Busan International Short Film Festival 2016
Grand prix / Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival 2016
Special Jury Prize / Jeonju International Film Festival 2016
Prize for Independent Walk / Indie-AnieFest 2016
Honorific Mention / SHORTS MEXICO 2016
Grand Prix / China Independent Animation Film Forum 2016

“Lazy Daze” animation by Brian Smee. Sound Design/Foley/Music
This work also encompassed the stereo audio mix. 2015

“All That is Melts into Data” film by Boaz Levin & Ryan S Jeffery. Sound Design/ADR recording/Sound Mix

“Bottom Feeders” animation by Matt Reynolds. Sound Design/Foley 2015
SXSW, 2015 – Official Selection
Melbourne Intl’ Animation Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
Flatpack Film Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
Chattanooga Film Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
Animatricks Festival, 2015 – * WINNER, Best Intl’ Animation *
Animaze Montreal Intl’ Animation Film Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
Maryland Film Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
Rooftop Films, 2015 – Official Selection
Odense Film Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
KLIK!, 2015 – Official Selection
Animaldiçoados, 2015 – Official Selection
Cucalorus, 2015 – Official Selection
Imagine Science Film Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
InScience: Dutch Intl Science Film Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
Animated Dreams, 2015 – Official Selection
Animateka Int’l Animated Film Festival, 2015 – Official Selection
Slamdance, 2015 – Official Selection
GLAS Animation Festival, 2015 – US Competition, * SPECIAL MENTION *
Florida Film Festival, 2016 – Official Selection
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2016 – Official Selection
Creative Sound Design for this short animation.

“Volvo  XC90 Online Campaign LA Confidential” Redwood London. Lead Composer/Audio Editor

“The Amateur” directed by Carlton Sugerman. Sound Design/Audio Mix
Film mix and sound design for this feature length film. 2014

“Agrabagrabah”  directed by Calvin Frederick. Composer/Sound Design
Composed music, sound designed, and  mixed the audio for this short experimental animation/film. 2014

“Blueberry Cornelius”  directed by Brian Smee. Composer/Sound Design/Audio Mix
Composed music, sound designed, and  mixed the audio for this short film. 2013

“You go Your Way and I go Crazy” directed by Friedrich Kunath. Audio Editor
Mastered and mixed the audio for this short film. 2012

“Rietokki”  by Rami Kim. Composer/Sound Design
Composed music and sound design for this animation.. Funded by Matt Groening. 2012

“In This Earthly Garden” by Emillie Sabbath. Composer/Audio Editor
I composed music and sound design for this short experimental film. 2012.

“The Killing of the Alaskan King Crab” by Niki Yang. Composer/Sound Design
I composed music for this Narrative short film (17 minutes) 2012.

“38-39 Degrees Celsius” by Kangmin Kim. Composer/Sound Design. 2011
Sundance Film Festival 2011
ANNECY International Animated Film Festival 2011
Neshville Film Festival 2011
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Florida Film Festival
Ashland Independent Film Festival .

“The Gossip Collector” by Mina Park. Composer/Sound Design

“Bermuda” by Calvin Frederich. Composer
Electronic music mix created for this short motion graphics film. 2011

“Stranger in Blood “by Patrick Briggs. Composer/Sound Design
45 minute film score for this narrative short. Film score features string arrangements, contra bass clarinet, electronic music, and GRAMPUS. 2011.

“All I Need is Love” by Gina Napolitan– Sounds
Created unique audio in collaboration with the film maker. 2011.

“Limitations” by Jeanette Bonds– Music Score


Visit www.littlecastlemastering.com for mastering credits.

Visit my Muso.AI portfolio for additional credits


(See CV for complete list of performances, including solo work, collaborative work, and discography)

“Flight” by Daniel Eaton and Sepand Shahab
Performed and recorded by Dan Eaton and Sepand Shahab
Released 2022

Stand Up Hour
Maxwell Guallatiri-Guitar
Matthew Dotson- Bass Guitar, Drum Machine
Daniel Eaton- Synths, Drums machine, trombone, sampler
Release 2017

Electronic Acoustic Solo Compositions
Recorded between 2010 and 2015

Zola Jesus (Mute Records)
2016 World Tours
2015 Eastern European Tour
2015 USA Tour
2015 European and Asia Tour
2014 Taiga European and USA Tour

CLoud Eye Control
Santiago De Mil Theater Festival Santiago Chile 2013
New Genre Festival at the Williams Theater Performing Arts Center in Tulsa OK 2011
Le Exit’ Festival at the Maison de Arts in Paris France 2010
New Original Works Festival at the Redcat Disney Hall in Los Angeles CA, 2010

Electronic Acoustic Trio
“Tidal Writhe” Piece for 7 networked Laptops and Live video 2010. Calarts R.O.D.
“Ilk Ilk” Released on pFmentum records 2012

Orkestar Meze’
Bulgarian Funk Band 2009 to 2013.

///Installation and Multi Media

“Trolls x Camp” Interactive installation for the Dreamworks animated feature.
Contributed linear sound design for the interactive Rhonda ride. https://camp.com/trolls

“A Crossing” Open Gate Theater
Collaboration with Los Angeles based Open Gate Theater performing
live music foran improvisational play based on a Greek myth

SZALT Dance Performance Pieter Performance Space, Los Angeles CA
Collaboration with the SZALT collective. Used live processed acoustic instruments.

“Autotelics” Long Beach Sound Walk, Long Beach CA
Using 6 automobiles for a remote multi channel sound installation. Collaboration
with 5 other composers.

“Music for Two Cars and Passerby” LA Road Concerts
Autry Overlook is a multichannel sound piece for two car stereo systems.
Mantioneand Eaton composed music separately based on a predefined form and
structure. As the piece unfolds, new textures will emerge as the synchronization between vehicles
begins to shift. Cars will be periodically repositioned, and doors, windows and trunk
lids reconfigured to create new sonic relationships. Viewers will be encouraged to
move around the space for a multifaceted experience.

“Miniature Caverns of the Face” Machine Project, Los Angeles CA
Taking Footage of peoples faces, the videos were processed with live video effects in
conjunction with the live music. The performance consisted of an amplified double
bass processed through a laptop four channel audio.  Curated by Paul Fraser

“Getting There” Multi Channel Audio and
Video Installation, Calarts Valencia CA
A generative audio and visual installation. 8 channel audio, and 5 live processed videos. This installation was created to explore the notion of how the individual changes through out time and how memory itself can become blurred.

“Confronting the Beast, A Dream Adventure”
Multi Channel Audio Installation, Sculpture, and Video, Calarts Valencia CA
A generative audio and visual installation. 6 channel audio, video helmet, processed movies through Max/Msp/Jitter, randomized text, and puppet sculpture were the backbone of this installation. This installation was created to explore the
notion of how the individual can change through time and also the notion of the self as cyborg (The digital computerized version of self). Installed at the Center for Integrated Media at Calarts and the R.O.D.
01/01/2011 to 06/01/2011

“Tidal Writhe” Audio Visual Performance, Calarts Valencia CA
Collaboration with trumpeter Louis Lopez and percussionist Mike Lockwood. An extended work for up to 7 networked laptops controlling projection, live processed sound, and drum set. The work explored the notion of a sea voyage utilizing animated tide charts, maps, and a projection of the moon that was manipulated by the audio produced by the drum set. Video documentation available upon request. Premiered at the Sound and Image Concert Series in the Roy O. Disney Hall at Calarts.

“Laser Non Laser” Audio Video Installation/Performance, Calarts Valencia CA
Collaboration with animator Jeanette Bonds. Electronic music created for an experimental laser show created with mirrors and animation. Premiered in the Black and White Studios at Calarts

“Head Games” Audio Video Installation/Performance, Calarts Valencia CA
Collaboration with sound artists David Casey and Jason Jahnke. An installation/performance work for live video, video helmet, amplified typewriter, bass guitar, voice, and synthesized sounds. A feedback loop was also created, as all
audio from the audience and performers was feedback into itself and randomized through 4 audio buffer pools. Installed/performed in the Black and White Studio at Calarts.

“Particles” Dance Performance, Calarts Valencia CA
Collaboration with choreographer Darcy Lyons. The dancer was equipped with a wireless microphone and her breath was processed live through a custom audio patch along with an audio playback file. Premiered in the Lund Dance Theatre at