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Audio specialist, sound designer, re-recording mixer, and composer/performer.

The Borrower’s Hypnotist | Michelle Tang | re-recording mixing

Re-recording mixing for awesome animated short film by Michelle Tang. 5.1 Dolby Mix.

Short Synopsis: Aria, a young woman struggling with her identity, seeks out the help of a hypnotist to regain control of her life.

Director: Michelle Tang @txmichh

Music: Joshua David Mitchell
Supervising Sound Editor & Mix: Jack Weiss
Assistant Sound Designer: Oliver Snook
Background Painter: Meghna Rajan
Recording Engineer: Aria Dines
Re-Recording Mixer: Daniel Eaton
Cast: Chacha Tahng – Aria
Erica Malachowski – The Hypnotist & Girl 3
Rebecca Chiara Marano – Bathroom Girl 1 & 2
Chinese Simplified & Traditional Subtitles: May Yan