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Audio specialist, sound designer, re-recording mixer, and composer/performer.

Deluge by Meejin Hong | Sound Design, Music, and Mix.

“Deluge” (2024, 12min)
infinite animation, pen on paper

Credits:  Daniel Eaton. Sound Design, Music, and Mix

Animation/Creator: Meejin Hong. (https://meejinhong.myportfolio.com/deluge)

Notes: The sound design for this film began in a 5.1 session.  There were specific challenges in designing and infinite animation loop that required a unique and somewhat experimental sound design approach.  Initially, I designed sounds for each specific character and object that entered the frame/loop. This ultimatley proved distracting and chaotic. As the sounds began building up it stole from the visual meditation.  I came up with a the idea of building 3 separate band limited feedback chambers.  The sounds could be slowly fed into these chambers (pre-fader) while fading out the dry signal along with automated low pass filtering.  The band limited feedback chambers were split into 3 frequency bands and achieved various states of self resonation (which were in turn automated to taste). Saving the low bands (350hz and below) for the last 4mins.  This helped the dynamic arc and also ended up imitating the hand drawn infinite loop as it approached pure black, the sound began to resemble static noise profiles.  This involved 150 audio tracks, 3 resonate band limited feedback chambers, and a music score of just intoned drones, plucks, and whooshes.

I used the pre-recorded vocalization from Odeya Nini in a similar fashion through its own separate audio bus.